The Package

    The package includes The Alexander Baby Lounger and The ARCH Changing Pad.


The Alexander is a stylish baby lounger made for the most precious member of your family. It provides luxurious comfort with an elevated back support and contoured channel that provides great weight distribution and lateral positioning.


    The Alexander is lightweight and easily moved. It is perfect for baby interaction and allows your little one to move their arms and legs freely while the pocket keeps them in place. It's perfect for taking pictures, entertaining, sitting outside and provides a convenient place to set them down for a minute. It can aid in gastrol refulx and is perfect for visiting family and friends.


    The Alexander is made in Canada using a medium density foam and includes a removable cover with an anti-slip base and seat pocket. Available in our softshell version which is machine washable (hang dry only) and a faux leather vinyl which is bacteria resistant, mildew resistant and washable using a cloth with soap & water.


The ARCH Changing Pad is equipped with a high side made for squirmy babies.


The ARCH Changing Pad is made in Canada using medium density foam and a removable cover with an anti-slip base.  Available in our softshell version which is machine washable (hang dry only) and a faux leather vinyl which is bacteria resistant, mildew resistant and washable using a cloth with soap & water.


 All prodcuts are Eco-friendly, ethically sourced, REACH compliant, FR additive free, phthalate free, solvent free, formaldehyde and lead free.


WARNING:  Do not leave your baby unattended and never allow your baby to sleep on The Alexander Baby Lounger.

The Package

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  • The Package includes:

    The Alexander Lounger


    The Arch Changing Pad