The Cheeky Monkey
The Cheeky Monkey Play Couch in its Couch position is 32" deep, 64" long and the seat is 8.5" above the ground.The bases are 32"x64"x3.5" and 32"x64"x5"The two bolster pieces are 13"x11"x32" The Cheeky Monkey Play couch is Manufactured in Ontario, Canada using1.8 lb density foam with an ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) of 50 and comprised of conventional Polyurethane. The outside removable covers are made from a durable Faux Suede, Micro Fiber and are durable and soft to the touch.  The covers are machine washable with cold water and must be hung to dry.​After washing the covers may loose some plushness.All materials are sourced from local suppliers.  This includes the Foam, Fabric, Cover and packaging materials. Eco-friendly, ethically sourced, REACH compliant, FR additive free, phthalate free, solvent free, formaldehyde and lead free.​We are always working to design and manufacture additional pieces to improve the experience of relaxing and playing with the Cheeky Monkey Play Couch.  We have tested and enjoyed every part of the couch manufactured to date and know that you will enjoy the Cheeky Monkey Play Couch as well.

The Cheeky Monkey

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